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Shea Soap Production Center (La)

Map of Ghana featuring Accra

Global Mamas partners with Ele Agbe Company, based in Accra’s La neighborhood, to produce our Global Beauty Butter, Slippery Slope, Trunk Scrub, and Sudsy Mutt skin care products. Through its partnership with Global Mamas, Ele Agbe is able to broaden its access to international markets, increase production, and further its positive effect on the lives of its workers by providing a living wage, thorough training, health care, equal treatment in the workplace, and fair wages. Ele Agbe also provides training programs for local under-educated youth.

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Comfort Adjahoe

As the owner and CEO of our shea butter partner Ele Agbe, Comfort has always lived by the advice a friend once gave her: "nothing is small". She was eight when she lost her father, and since then she has worked hard to fund her own education. She worked as a street vendor to pay her fees for high school and in the early 1980's traveled to Nigeria in hopes of better earnings. In Nigeria, she began selling bread and once the demand grew, she partnered with a friend to purchase an oven and hire employees. Upon returning to Ghana, Comfort has applied her effective business skills to launch Ele Agbe. She is proud to offer her employees proper training and health care. It is extremely important to Comfort that the people she works with receive a consistent, fair wage while enjoying a respectful and familiar work environment.

Meet More Mamas
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