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The mission of Global Mamas is to create a life of prosperity for African women and their families. We define prosperity as financial well-being, good health, and happiness. We achieve prosperity by creating and selling handmade products of the highest quality.


United by a passion for the success of African women and upheld by our core values – a focus on collaboration, innovation and sustainability – we build our Global Mamas community through strong, long-term relationships with the Mamas, employees, partner producers, customers, volunteers, interns and donors.

  • We believe in the strength of community.
  • We have a long-term commitment to each other and the organization.
  • We are innovators dedicated to quality, creativity, and continuous improvement.
  • We are committed to achieving economic self-sufficiency: as individuals and as an organization.
  • We are part of a global community that creates positive change through the work we do.
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