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Inspired by our mission to create a life of prosperity for African women and their families, we are giving friends of Global Mamas the opportunity to host Prosperity Parties. Think of it as a Global Mamas pop-up store in your home, with sales supporting our work in Ghana. Hosting a party is easy! Just invite friends and family over for some one-stop shopping, provide refreshments, and share why the mission of Global Mamas is important to you.

Our part is sending you a Party Box of our best-selling products tailored to your type of gathering. As a thanks for your support, Prosperity Party hosts will receive a gift card equal to 10% of the amount of sales made at your party. You can use it for items in the Party Box or buy something later online (we’ll give you free shipping, of course).

Prosperity Parties Support Our Mission

We invite you to step back and think about where the items you purchase come from – and the potential they have to make a difference in the lives of those who create them. Global Mamas exists to provide prosperity (financial well-being, health, and happiness) for women in Ghana, and sales of our handmade, fair trade products help us achieve our mission.

More than 30% of our revenue is paid directly to the Mamas in wages. By hosting a party, you’ll help boost our sales. In turn, this delivers more revenue to the Mamas and supports our work to facilitate better working conditions, invest in local communities throughout Ghana, and reduce environmental impact. It also makes shopping fun, meaningful, and devoid of crowds (except crowds of your loved ones!).

So how does a Prosperity Party work?

We strive to make hosting a Prosperity Party easy and fun in five simple steps:

  1. Invite your friends and family over for food, drinks, and some fair trade shopping. You can also participate in an existing community event instead of hosting a Prosperity Party in your home and we’ll cover your registration fee.
  2. We’ll help you quickly choose the Prosperity Box that’s right for your party or community event. Prosperity Boxes include our best sellers with a focus on products that make great gifts like aprons & pot holders, shea butter soap, wallets, bracelets, and ornaments. Based on your feedback, your Prosperity Box can also be customized to include apparel and/or a greater variety of accessories or jewelry.
  3. We will send you the items ready to go, price tags and everything—just take them out of the box and display them nicely around your home.
  4. Sell the items at your party. Your guests get to try things on, pay you, and take the items home with them. No follow-up required.
  5. After your Prosperity Party or community event, finishing up is easy! We will arrange for FedEx to pick up any unsold items from your home. The payment for sold items can go right in the box.

Interested in learning more?

Give us a call at 1-612-781-0455 or email us at [email protected].

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