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For the past decade, the energy and dedication of hundreds of volunteers from around the world have profoundly influenced the women of Global Mamas. Measuring our impact both in numbers and in dreams realized, we’ve watched our volunteers grow and shape our organization, and support nearly 600 women in their path toward prosperity, enabling them to support their families, send their children to school, improve their health, and save for the future.

While the volunteer experience positively impacts the lives of women in Ghana, it also transforms another important life: yours. By interacting with people of a different culture and background, you are offered a time to set aside your assumptions, embrace a different way to live, and serve others. You will leave with an understanding of what defines two cultures, and more importantly, what unites them.

Whether you’re looking for a meaningful vacation, want a career break, or are retired, we know how to put your skills to use to enrich the lives of our Mamas and their families. We offer:


Your project will be personalized to fit your specific skills and interests. Furthermore, you are placed in a project within our organization, instead of being outsourced, as is often the case in short-term volunteer programs. This allows us to develop meaningful and personalized projects and have the ability to swiftly respond if your project needs refining once you are in Ghana.


It is impossible to convey how profoundly the energy and passion of our international volunteers has impacted the lives of women in Ghana. Our Mamas are unique and their accomplishments over the years have varied from supporting their children through all levels of school, paying off debts, saving for the future, expanding their businesses, improving the health of their families, and most importantly, feeling empowered and valued. Our volunteers are instrumental in helping our Mamas to achieve their goals.


Our staff is comprised of locals as well as past volunteers from abroad. This allows us to provide exceptional in-country support to keep you engaged in your project.


We accept volunteers year-round and will work around your schedule. Volunteer projects typically last anywhere from two weeks to several months.


Your experience would not be complete without getting to know Ghana. We encourage you to take time to travel, experience, and enjoy Ghanaian culture.


Volunteer fees cover pre-departure support and orientation, lodging in Ghana, international medical insurance for US citizens, in-country support, and project related expenses.


We provide an immediate introduction to the local culture and our Global Mamas’ community. And, if you’re ready, we’ll put you to work right away.


After more than a decade of working with volunteers, we know how to keep you safe and healthy. The communities where we work know us so you’ll never feel like a stranger. Plus, you’ll have the inside scoop on the best places to get food and stay when touring the country.

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