Handcrafting Techniques of Ghana

Global Mamas is a fair trade organization located in Ghana, West Africa supporting the sustainable development of women artisans by producing and exporting fair trade products. Global Mamas infuses business social responsibility in all aspects of our work. Buying Global Mamas products allows you to also support fair trade practices and sustainable development for people in Africa.

Each Global Mamas product is handmade by Ghanaian women who are experts in the art of handcrafting batik and tie dye fabrics, beads, shea butter, shea and black soap, and sewing. These are all laborious and intricate crafts that have been passed down through generations from mothers to daughters, and teachers to apprentices. All products of Global Mamas have been touched by the hands of one of these women and made specifically to bring color and authentic West African tradition to your clothes, jewelry, and home. Look below to learn more about these ancient arts.

Global Mamas
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