create a vital workspace for the mamas

The Global Mamas’ community works together to create a life of prosperity for women and their families in Ghana. Global Mamas is in the process of constructing and will soon operate Ghana’s first Fair Trade Zone (FTZ) – an eco-friendly, centralized, people-first, production facility that will create 85 new jobs for skilled craftswomen in Ghana’s Eastern Region. After years on this journey, the walls of the first building have been erected but we invite you to help us bring the building to life — from the inside out!

We know that one in six people, predominantly women, are employed in industries, like global fashion, where work in dangerous factory settings and meager wages are the norm. Women in Ghana need sustainable jobs and these jobs need to be conducted in a safe and environmentally friendly workspace. While we are excited that our first building is standing, we know that key interior components are absent.


From the inside out

Global Mamas is working to procure and install these key interior components vital to completing this first structure. This will ensure a safe and functional work environment.  Global Mamas aims to equip this structure with the following:

  • Functional furniture (chairs, tables, desks, etc.) that will allow for organized productivity flow
  • Sewing machines to employ more women and meet growing production needs
  • Lights to ease eye strain while conducting intricate tasks such as sewing and weaving
  • Fans to keep the women cool and comfortable 
  •  A biogas waste management system that will provide a source of clean energy for the batiking and papermaking process as well as mitigate the negative environmental impact of both human and agricultural waste

The completed Fair Trade Zone campus will allow Global Mamas to create 85 new jobs and maintain the existing 155 jobs that were at risk due to the Covid -19 pandemic. 

A little can do a lot

To provide some perspective of how funds work towards providing these  significant resources:

  • $25 will purchase a fan to keep the Mamas cool
  • $250 will purchase specialty lighting to prevent eye strain
  • $300 will purchase a new sewing machine
  • $1,000 will finance the production of clean fuel for batiking and papermaking

This building, along with others to be constructed at the Fair Trade Zone (FTZ), will create a space where women will strengthen themselves, their families, and their communities. The completed FTZ will connect women in rural areas to international marketplaces to facilitate a more equitable distribution of resources that promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth. This in turn will ignite social change, breaking the cycle of poverty and gender inequality. As the women become powerful role models, their children and their communities will flourish. 


Global Mamas is registered in Ghana as a local NGO and in the USA as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

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