create a vital workspace for the mamas

As a fair trade organization, we are committed to upholding traditional skills while simultaneously creating space for African women to succeed as entrepreneurs and achieve financial independence. From a global pandemic to an economic downturn, our global sales are down by over $200,000 from 2019 pre-pandemic levels. In addition, inflation in Ghana is skyrocketing and wages have been raised by 40% in order for the Mamas to literally be able to afford to get to work. We are experiencing a gap in the funding needed to sustain operations into the new year. We humbly request you join us in closing this financial gap to set us back on the path to sustainability for years to come. Global Mamas is committed to providing fairly compensated work for women in Ghana by connecting them with a larger global marketplace. Women working in the Global Mamas network provide better quality nutrition, health care, and education for their families. They pay off debts, start saving for their futures, and enhance their skills. Your generous donation will help us close the gap in our budget and fund critical inflationary increases to wages for the Mamas in Ghana.


A little goes a long way

Global Mamas is committed to sustainable growth and since its inception has created hundreds of jobs in Ghana. This necessary funding will ensure that the Mamas continue to receive a living wage, and personalized, hands-on training to refine their skills and strengthen their capacity to produce better products, manage their growing businesses and personal incomes, and improve their health and the health of their children.

To provide some perspective on how funds work towards providing these  significant resources:

  • $50 – Will help fund First Class First Time quality bonuses for batiking and sewing.
  • $100Will help purchase needed raw materials before major price hikes experienced in Ghana in the new year
  • $250Will help keep the lights on and water flowing at our production locations throughout Ghana
  • $500 – Will support critical inflationary increases for the Mamas

With your help, we will continue to create a space where women will strengthen themselves, their families, and their communities. We will continue to connect women in rural areas to international marketplaces to facilitate more equitable distribution of resources that promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth. This in turn will ignite social change, breaking the cycle of poverty and gender inequality. As the women become powerful role models, their children and their communities will flourish. 


Global Mamas is registered in Ghana as a local NGO and in the USA as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

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