By Rebecca Fogel

Earlier this spring Global Mamas staff and producers in Krobo, Akuse, and Cape Coast participated in workshops educating on pregnancy and delivery, facilitated by Dr. Akpene Nyamadi, Clinical Quality Advisor at Marie Stopes International in Ghana. Marie Stopes is a global organization that has been educating and providing family planning services to Ghanaian women and girls since 2007.

Dr. Nyamadi discussed the stages of pregnancy, what to expect during pregnancy, antenatal care, and the labor, delivery, and post-delivery process. Emphasis was placed on good prenatal care to improve pregnancy outcomes, including taking extra folic acid, avoiding drugs and alcohol, exercise, blood tests and physical exams, and a healthy diet. Dr. Nyamadi went over the early signs of pregnancy in addition to educating the Mamas on what changes it’s normal to expect during a health pregnancy in the the first through third trimesters.

In recent years Mamas have requested more opportunities to learn about better health for themselves and their families.

Dr. Nyamadi shared about the Focused Antenatal Care (FANC) model, which includes at least four antenatal clinic visits during pregnancy for screenings, immunizations, and monitoring. He also shared the many benefits of engaging in exercise during pregnancy. Exercise reduces the risk of complications, eases discomfort, promotes healthy and steady weight gain, boosts mood and energy, and reduces stress.

The Mamas greatly enjoyed and appreciated this workshop, commenting on the importance of antenatal care, safe sex, and maintaining a healthy diet while pregnant to ensure a healthy mother and baby. Thanks to the team at Marie Stopes for taking the time to share their expertise with so many of the Mamas!

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