Greetings friends. As we continue to press on in the new year, we wanted to take a moment to pause and share an update with you. First, the good news. Our 2022 Collection will be making its debut at the NYNOW Wholesale Expo (Feb. 6-10) and then filling up retail spaces across the country. The new line features high-quality, handcrafted items with meaningful prints and bold colors, that not only bring color to your life and the lives of those in your community, but also tell a story of dreams realized for the Mamas and their families. We will keep you informed as to where you can shop our new collection as we start to ship orders to retail partners around the world

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Our Spring 2022 Collection is set to debut live at NYNOW in February.

When we last chatted, we talked about our need to pivot, make adjustments, and think more outside the box than ever. We’ve had numerous conversations among our team and with other fair trade counterparts, discussing how we will continue to meet the ongoing challenges of creating fair trade products with so many continued supply chain disruptions, not to mention all of the other things the pandemic has thrown our way. Can we have NO MORE VARIANTS, please?!

So where are we now?  Like so many of our fellow producers and suppliers, we’re now facing significantly increased costs, such as a 25% increase in shipping expenses and a 40% increase on our GOTS Certified, organic cotton. In addition, we’re working hard to keep up with inflation in Ghana by providing wage increases to ensure that every Global Mama is paid a steady, living wage. The Mamas are the ‘why’ behind our mission and so we strive to ensure our wages maintain their purchasing power over time with regular inflationary increases. We know everyone is struggling with inflation, so we’ve tried to absorb as much of this as possible. However, all of these factors combined have resulted in an average 15% increase in pricing for 2022. We know you put a lot of thought into which brands you support and we are grateful for your continued commitment to Global Mamas.

We know that’s a lot to take in, but we also know that in various ways we are all feeling the economic impact of this pandemic. Together, the Global Mamas community is moving forward and settling into what seems to be our new normal with a renewed spirit. We are thankful to still be here after facing so many challenges these past two years. We are thankful that our Krobo and Akuse locations will soon be settling into their new home at the Fair Trade Zone. And we are thankful that you are part of our global community… a community that for nearly two decades continues to defy the odds to create positive, lasting change.

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The Mamas from our Krobo Office visiting their new workspace at the Fair Trade Zone.
Photo Courtesy of Global Mamas

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