Meet the Mamas

Abigail Atter

Abigail Atter, Weaver (Akuse, Ghana)

Meet Abigail: Abigail is a perfectionist when it comes to her work, but her true loves are laughing and dancing. Last year Abigail was promoted to Weaving Trainer as she took on a team of 10 novice weavers and taught them to work with water hyacinth fibers. Abigail has also helped to design new products made from the hyacitnth fibers. Her proudest moment since she started working at Global Mamas was when she perfected the woven doormat, a style that Global Mamas had struggled with for years. Not only did she perfect the design but she trained several other weavers to produce it! Since working with Global Mamas Abigail has been able to rent her own apartment, buy a TV and refrigerator, and send her daughter to school. She hopes that one day her daughter will become a lawyer. Abigail is a great leader and is highly respected by everyone she works with!

“I love working with Global Mamas because the work environment is a happy one. Everyone is always kind and cheerful.”

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