Meet the Mamas

Amos Kporshiebu

Amos Kporshiebu, Production Manager (Akuse, Ghana)

Meet Amos: Amos manages both the water hyacinth and textile production at our Akuse location in the Eastern Region of Ghana. Thanks to his steady employment with Global Mamas, Amos has been able to realize a lot of his dreams. He has been able to take better care of his family while also supporting several other family members and friends. He is also proud to rent his own house for his wife and daughter. Amos loves the way Global Mamas fights to empower the women in Ghana so that they can become financially independent. “Seeing smiles on the Mamas’ faces is what makes me happy.”

“Global Mamas organizes several trainings for the Mamas each year on topics like computer skills, leadership, and health so that they can learn new things outside of their daily tasks. Global Mamas’ number one priority is to enhance the well-being of their employees, and that is what I like and admire.”

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