Meet the Mamas

Felicia “Mami Adjo” Adjo Otu

Felicia “Mami Adjo” Adjo Otu, Beadmaker (Odumase-Krobo, Ghana)

“To be prosperous is to be happy.”

Meet Mami Adjo: Mami Adjo has been selling beads crafted by her siblings for more than 35 years. Holding up strands of colored seed beads, she explains the great skill required to produce such tiny beads. Mami Adjo’s business at the bead market—along with the money her husband makes as a farmer—supports four children, all of whom go to school or have completed their education. Without having gone to school herself, Mami Adjo wants to give her children the opportunities in life that she wasn’t able to have. She feels these opportunities are only possible with the support of Global Mamas.

When asked how working with Global Mamas is different her other customers at the bead market, Mami Adjo says, “It is hard to come by such honest customers.”

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