Meet the Mamas

Grace Tettey-Ku

Grace Tettey-Ku, Bead Assembler (Odumase-Krobo, Ghana)

“Global Mamas gives me more prosperity than when I was a farmer, because now I can depend on getting paid.”

Meet Grace: A former farmer, Grace is now a bead assembler at the Krobo location. Several years ago, Grace was in an accident that left her unable to farm. She was very worried about her future until she was offered a job with Global Mamas. Now that she works with Global Mamas she says, "I have great changes. I used to not have any hope because of my accident. Now that I'm with Global Mamas, I can rely on my work and I have big hopes.” In the future, Grace would like to build a provisions store to earn money to further support her family.

When asked what she would like to say to the women wearing her products, Grace says, “I want to give thanks because of my accident I cannot do many jobs, but Global Mamas provides me with money to save each month.”

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