Meet the Mamas

Joyce Narh

Joyce Narh, Bead Assembler (Odumase-Krobo, Ghana)

“Prosperity, to me, is to be able to use my salary to pay for my children’s school fees and have money to feed my family.”

Meet Joyce: Prior to joining Global Mamas as a bead assembler, Joyce was a seamstress. She’s been with Global Mamas since the Krobo site first opened and her favorite products to make are earrings. When she is not working, she enjoys cooking okra stew and singing her favorite gospel song, “Peace of the Lord,” at church. Although Joyce did not complete any formal education, she dreams that someday her daughter will complete school and become a pilot so that she can travel all over the world. For her part, Joyce hopes to someday open her own provisions store.

To the people all over the world buying Global Mamas products, Joyce says, “I am happy that they are buying our products and they should keep buying them!”

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