Meet the Mamas

Mary Koomson

Mary Koomson, Batiker (Cape Coast, Ghana)

“To me, prosperity is everything that is good in life: family, work, happiness, money.”

Meet Mary: A batiker, Mary joined Global Mamas because of its community of women. One of Mary’s favorite aspects of the organization is that through fair trade empowerment, she has learned essential skills such as book keeping and better business practices. She is thankful that Global Mamas worked with her to ensure she had all the necessary batiking materials. She is a self-proclaimed ‘convincer,’ and her proudest accomplishment has been convincing non-Ghanaians to wear her African wear, because it shares her culture with the world. Following a day’s work, Mary enjoys spending time with her family and sharing a meal of banku or red red. One day, she hopes to visit the United States because, “[The United States] is a land of dreams, and I like it very much.”

“My proudest business achievement since partnering with Global Mamas is buying a large plot of land for my family.”

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