Meet the Mamas

Mary Kweku Enyonan

Mary Kweku Enyonan, Bead Assembler (Odumase-Krobo, Ghana)

“Prosperity enables me to have pocket money and to pay for my daughter, Annita.”

Meet Mary: Before becoming a bead assembler at Global Mamas, Mary sold and traded beads at the Krobo bead market. One day, she overheard some women discussing their jobs at the Global Mamas Krobo site and decided to apply to work as a bead assembler. Mary is enthusiastic about any work that comes her way and is always up for a challenge. She wants her daughter, Annita, to be the same way. Mary’s dream is to send Annita to secondary school, where she can continue her studies and pursue her passions, such as reading.

To those who buy her products, Mary says enthusiastically, “Keep on buying so we can keep producing!”

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