Meet the Mamas

Veronica Maulepee

Veronica Maulepee, Bead Assembler (Odumase-Krobo, Ghana)

“I will have prosperity when I can support my family.”

Meet Veronica: Formerly a seamstress, Veronica was experiencing health problems due to working conditions. Since becoming a bead assembler at Global Mamas, she’s been healthy. The oldest sister of four and mother of one, Veronica is happy to work at Global Mamas so that she can start saving money and support her family. On the weekends, Veronica takes care of chores like going to the market and doing laundry. She enjoys going to church on Sundays, where she is a member of the choir.

When asked what she’d like to share with those who buy her products Veronica says, “Global Mamas is good, come and buy our things.”

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