Global Mamas Batiking & Sewing Center (Ashaiman)

Ashaiman (pronounced A-shah-ma) is our newest Global Mamas location. Originally located in the town of Prampram, this textile location relocated to Ashaiman in August 2012. The Ashaiman Mamas produce batik textiles and sew them into beautiful accessories and apparel. All of our Mamas work together in the Ashaiman production center and are directly employed by Global Mamas, which provides them with health care and retirement benefits.

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Global Mamas Batiking & Sewing Center (Cape Coast)

Cape Coast is home to our largest production location and was the first Global Mamas location. It was here that our founding Mamas came together in 2003 to produce the first Global Mamas product line. Today the Cape Coast Global Mamas community comprises nearly 100 independent, women-owned businesses. In Cape Coast our Mamas are batikers and seamstresses who work from their own shops or from their homes.

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Global Mamas Bead-Making Center (Krobo)

Odumase Krobo is home to the second Global Mamas location. Leveraging the success of our Mamas in Cape Coast, we replicated the model in Krobo with the skilled producers of recycled glass beads. Opened in 2006, we now work with more than 30 different beadmakers. Our beadmakers are typically family run businesses in the villages scattered throughout the Odumase Krobo area. We also directly employ nearly 20 young women from the community who assemble our beaded products at the Global Mamas office.

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Global Mamas Black Soap Production Center

Global Mamas Dandy Lion Black Soap is a traditional African soap produced by Naasakle Ltd, owned and founded by Eugenia Akuete. Through the production of black soap, Eugenia provides dependable, well-paying, and supportive employment for many women and men in Adenta, an area of Accra. While this work has an immediate positive impact on their lives, it also touches the lives of their families extending across Ghana’s many regions.

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Shea Soap Production Center (La)

Global Mamas partners with Ele Agbe Company, based in Accra’s La neighborhood, to produce our Global Beauty Butter, Slippery Slope, Trunk Scrub, and Sudsy Mutt skin care products. Through its partnership with Global Mamas, Ele Agbe is able to broaden its access to international markets, increase production, and further its positive effect on the lives of its workers by providing a living wage, thorough training, health care, equal treatment in the workplace, and fair wages. Ele Agbe also provides training programs for local under-educated youth.

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