My name is Faiza. I am the new Sales & Marketing Manager in Ghana. I am excited to begin my journey with Global Mamas. In the beginning, I thought it best to immerse myself in the work and learn about the techniques that are unique to each Global Mamas product. I started out at the Fair Trade Zone (FTZ) where I began with the beautiful art of batik. My journey into the world of batik was truly life-changing. I witnessed a piece of plain, white 100% organic cotton fabric transform into a canvas of vibrant colors adorned with exquisite designs.

The process began with dyeing the solid fabric to my preferred color, allowing it to dry for a while, and then moving on to the stamping stage. We carefully selected foam stamps, each designed with unique stencils. I was particularly drawn to the sunflower stamp.

We worked with precision, melting wax under heat and dipping the stamp into it. After stamping, we dyed the fabric again to the preferred colour and dried it for a few minutes. We then immersed it in hot water to remove the wax. It was then rinsed in cold water and dried again.

The final step was taking the fabric to the quality control department, where experts ensured it met the exact specifications to ensure the highest quality. This meticulous attention to detail was both inspiring and educational.

My experience in the Batik Department was nothing short of a humbling. I was enthralled by the transformative process and the dedication and hard work put into producing exceptional quality fabrics. Please continue to follow along as I’ll share more experiences with you including working within the departments of papermaking, bath & body and more!

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