We’re celebrating the continued achievements of Martha, a Global Mama since 2009

As she stands in front of the business she built—brick by brick, it’s not hard to understand why Martha is proud to be a part of the Global Mamas community. Martha has been working with Global Mamas for more than thirteen years. Before becoming a batiker for the organization, Martha found it difficult to pay her rent. The monthly cost was a strain, making finances and the thought of saving for the future stressful and quite frankly unattainable. But that was then. Now, Martha has four employees and an established workshop, complete with a sturdy roof, numerous batiking stations, and a larger space that provides a light breeze to cool everyone down during the laborious task of batiking. 

Martha HouseConstruction3 2024Sm 1
Martha’s home under construction.

Adjacent to her workshop, lies what will be lodging for her workers. She beams proudly as she proclaims, “the women will not pay rent once it is complete!” Her entire staff will soon live a stone’s throw away from her business.. The true crown jewel on her plot of land is the two-story house she has been building for the past three years. Martha envisions her children and their husbands and wives living in happiness together once the project is completed. Her hard work and determination over the last 13 years, has led her to this monumental moment. She is a true reflection of the Global Mamas’ belief that the most effective way for women to achieve prosperity is to gain economic independence through sustainable employment. Global Mamas has been investing in women, like Martha, for more than 20 years. As we continue to help create a life of prosperity for African women and their families, we look forward to hearing more stories of success like Martha’s in the future. 

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