Global Mamas Handcrafting Website

Continuing efforts to grow its customer base and support the women of Ghana, Global Mamas has expanded its web site,, and will develop a new collection with several items for babies and women in summer 2005.

The expanded collection will include new styles of baby dresses and women’s skirts and dresses. Alice de Kruijs, a WIP volunteer and fashion designer, is working with WIP leadership and retailers in the United States and Europe to create the updated styles. She will also develop new batik patterns and embroidery designs.

In addition, in March, Women in Progress launched a new Handcrafting section of its web site. The pages contain information on the crafts of batiking, tie-dying and sewing, designed to attract more customers and other traffic to the site.

The Handcrafting section includes directions on how to batik and tie-dye. The step-by-step instructions use photos and short instructional videos featuring the Global Mamas to describe the batik and tie-dye process.

The language in each Handcrafting section has been optimized for search engines. Using Internet research, WIP included specific key words searched most often to ensure that its site will appear higher on popular search engines like Google and Yahoo.

WIP created the Handcrafting section with the goals of educating its consumers about the way its products are created, and increasing overall traffic to its eCommerce site.

Global Mamas Handcrafting Website
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