A customer shops at the Global Mamas’ Second Saturday sale in Minneapolis, MN.

By Alice Grau

The colorful home page of Trade for Change, now the most comprehensive online retailer of Global Mamas products

In an effort to better serve its growing number of retail partners, the Global Mamas shopping site was converted to a wholesale site in 2009. As a result, Trade for Change was launched to continue the online retail sales of Global Mamas products to consumers, and generate more orders and additional income for the Global Mamas network of fair trade producers in Ghana. Trade for Change is owned and operated by Global Mamas and all proceeds go directly to the women who produce the products as well as the non-profit programs that assist the women with business development. Trade for Change is now the most comprehensive online retailer of Global Mamas products. Sharing the Global Mamas mission, Trade for Change works to increase the sales of Global Mamas fair trade products which in turn creates jobs and increases the income and standard of living for women and their families in Africa.

Global Mamas would like to thank Eliana Berlfein for the creation of the Trade for Change design and David Hollis for all the technical aspects in developing and launching the website. We hope you visit the new site at www.tradeforchange.com and spread the word about this new site.


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