Meet the Mamas

Barbara Tetteh, Beadmaker (Odumase-Krobo, Ghana)

“Prosperity is wanting Global Mamas to stay: they help us a lot.”

Meet Barbara: Barbara has been selling her family’s beads with her sister Victoria Angmore Narkie for more than 15 years. Barbara’s market table is adorned with an amazing array of vibrant painted beads. Barbara appreciates how punctual Global Mamas is when paying for and picking up bead orders. Business from Global Mamas has increased her income by 40 percent, which helps her and her husband afford schooling for their two children. Barbara hopes that one day she can start her own bead shop and as well as a business separate from beads.

When asked about what she wants her customers abroad to know about her, Barbara says, “Selling beads is my family way: a tradition that has been passed down from my grandma to my mom and auntie to me.”

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