Meet the Mamas

Victoria Angmore Narkie

Victoria Angmore Narkie, Beadmaker (Odumase-Krobo, Ghana)

“Because I work with Global Mamas, I can save money. That's what prosperity means to me.”

Meet Victoria: Victoria has been selling her brother's beads with her sister Barbara Tetteh for more than 17 years, as it is her family's tradition that women sell beads made by the men. Victoria's market table displays her vast collection of multicolored beads. Victoria says that the large, reliable orders from Global Mamas have increased her income by 30 percent. Because of this additional income, she and her husband can send their children Lawrence, Sandra, Amanda, and Beauty to school.

When asked what she’d share with those who purchase products made from the beads she sells, Victoria says, “Beads don't spoil. They last forever, so you should buy beaded items from Global Mamas!”

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