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The seamstresses of Global Mamas are talented dressmakers operating their own businesses in Cape Coast, Prampram, and Ashaiman or working at our Fair Trade Zone in Kpong. Many of the Mamas continue to use hand-powered sewing machines. This not only preserves more traditional sewing, but is useful for working through the frequent power outages which are characteristic of West Africa. Many Mamas have learned this craft through structured classes, apprenticeships, or passed through families from previous generations.

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Veronica Anim

Veronica Anim knew from a young age that she wanted to become a seamstress—and has now been a seamstress for ten years. Her original customer base came to her shop and requested products; she is happy to say she can sew anything. Joining Global Mamas in 2007, she says, gave her the right amount of work. Now, Veronica works primarily for Global Mamas, but when she has time, continues to do work for her own customers. Working for Global Mamas has enabled Veronica to send her four children to school and keep them healthy. She has also expanded her shop to hire another employee and take on an apprentice. It is exciting, she says, “that people in other parts of the world are buying and wearing my clothing.” Thinking to the future, Veronica would like her business to grow to where she could hire more employees, as well as buy land, build a home, and raise her children there.

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Vida Donkoh

Vida Donkoh has always been a self-starter, choosing by herself to start a career as a seamstress before working on her own. When she struggled to pay her bills, Vida’s sister suggested that Global Mamas could help her gain financial independence like they have for so many other women. Since following this advice, Vida is now making enough money to save for her dreams and child's future education. Her favorite part about this partnership is working with good and trustworthy people, along with the satisfaction of the finished product. “Global Mamas has helped me a lot and made me happy.” She says, “The income earned is good and steady, and I like the way Global Mamas staff talks with me.”

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