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Water Hyacinth Team

Community Co-ops along the Volta River harvest boatfuls of water hyacinth weeds, trimming roots and foliage for compost before delivering bundles of fresh and dried fibers to the team at our Fair Trade Zone in Kpong. Global Mamas weavers and papermakers skillfully transform this abundant weed into our new line of natural fiber home goods- turning an invasive nuisance that harms native species into an innovative solution, providing much needed jobs.

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Abigail Atter

Meet Abigail: Abigail is a perfectionist when it comes to her work, but her true loves are laughing and dancing. Last year Abigail was promoted to Weaving Trainer as she took on a team of 10 novice weavers and taught them to work with water hyacinth fibers. Abigail has also helped to design new products made from the hyacitnth fibers. Her proudest moment since she started working at Global Mamas was when she perfected the woven doormat, a style that Global Mamas had struggled with for years. Not only did she perfect the design but she trained several other weavers to produce it! Since working with Global Mamas Abigail has been able to rent her own apartment, buy a TV and refrigerator, and send her daughter to school. She hopes that one day her daughter will become a lawyer. Abigail is a great leader and is highly respected by everyone she works with!

“I love working with Global Mamas because the work environment is a happy one. Everyone is always kind and cheerful.”

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Amos Kporshiebu

Meet Amos: Amos manages both the water hyacinth and textile production at our Akuse location in the Eastern Region of Ghana. Thanks to his steady employment with Global Mamas, Amos has been able to realize a lot of his dreams. He has been able to take better care of his family while also supporting several other family members and friends. He is also proud to rent his own house for his wife and daughter. Amos loves the way Global Mamas fights to empower the women in Ghana so that they can become financially independent. “Seeing smiles on the Mamas’ faces is what makes me happy.”

“Global Mamas organizes several trainings for the Mamas each year on topics like computer skills, leadership, and health so that they can learn new things outside of their daily tasks. Global Mamas’ number one priority is to enhance the well-being of their employees, and that is what I like and admire.”

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Celestine Arthur

Meet Celestine: Celestine is a fun-loving woman who loves to eat at least one ball of banku a day! She started out as a water hyacinth paper making trainee last year and was quickly chosen by her peers to be the team leader. She likes working with Global Mamas because of the 40-hour a week schedule, which leaves her time to do the other things that she enjoys. “I am happy for the opportunity that Global Mamas has given me because it is helping me send my son to school. I want him to go far in his education and have all the opportunities I did not.”

“I am proud of the skills I've learned, I did not know anything about paper making, but now I can make different types of products.”

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Rita Agbodra

Meet Rita: Rita is a Jill-of-all-trades who has worked in all areas of water hyacinth production. She is popular for being the face of the Fibers of Change Kpenu Video and known for being the life of the party. This is Rita's first time engaged in formal employment since graduating from high school last year. Since she started with Global Mamas she is proud to have improved on a variety of different skill sets, such as punctuality and interpersonal communication. “I want to climb the highest ladder of education, achieve the most out of life, and become a prominent person. With Global Mamas I have been able to save money and one day want to put myself through university.”

“I love the flexibility of Global Mamas, you can come in and learn how to do so many different types of jobs. My favorite is papermaking, I love the process it takes to make paper and working with different dimensions.”

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Victoria Dapaah

Meet Victoria: Victoria loves fashion, and she is always happy and ready to learn. Global Mamas enables her to be independent so she doesn’t need to depend on her parents anymore. Victoria feels relaxed working with Global Mamas. During the weekends and days off, she takes care of herself and spends time with her family. “The thing I am most proud of in my life is the job I have with Global Mamas.” It brings her peace and prosperity.

“Everything is possible when you work with Global Mamas, they teach you how to be independent and empowered.”

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