We work with water hyacinth to create beautiful sustainable products. Water Hyacinth is an invasive water plant in the Volta River that has been negatively impacting the ecology of the river. In using this plant to create sustainable products, we are reducing the infestation in the river, improving biodiversity and providing sustainable incomes to the affected communities. 

The newest edition to the Water Hyacinth Collection are our handcrafted, batik covered Journals, the perfect way to capture your cherished moments and profound thoughts. See below to get a glimpse into the meticulous creation process of these exceptional pieces.

The water hyacinth is chopped up then combined with used paper before being pulped and poured through screens for setting up into sheets. After the sheets are created and dried, they are cut into sizes specified for small and large journals.

After the specified size is achieved, the pages are aligned and folded before being glued down the center. Following this step, the holes will be pierced for stitching.

Copy of FTZ Papermaking Celestine 1

The batik cloth is chosen and secured to the back and front covers. The loop enclosure is sewn on. Then the center of the journal is securely stitched.

Finally the recycled glass bead is attached completing a functional, stylish and eco-friendly journal.

Mamas with Journals
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