My name is Amos Kporshiebu, and I am the second of six children in my family. After my parents separated, my father had three additional children, making us a total of nine siblings. I am married to Sophia Morrison, and we have two lovely children.

I learned about Global Mamas in 2008 through a friend who had a partner working there. Recognizing my hard work, my friend suggested I apply for an opportunity at Global Mamas. I started as a Quality Control staff member and progressed to Quality Control Manager, then Production Assistant, and now serve as the Production Manager. In my current role, I supervise production operations, shipments, and both incoming and outgoing orders at the Fair Trade Zone. I also oversee maintenance at the Fair Trade Zone.

AT Amos
Checking batik print before it heads off to be sewn.

What inspires me most in my role is the memory of my aunt, a single mother who raised 11 people on her own. Her determination and strength made me appreciate the resilience of women, making my work with the Mamas deeply fulfilling.

One of my proudest achievements at Global Mamas was overseeing our relocation from Ashaiman. Without a set destination, I volunteered to lead this challenging project. Finding the perfect place in Akuse, while my boss was out of the country, was a significant accomplishment. I handled all logistics and often worked late into the night to ensure a smooth transition.

I respect the Mamas deeply, which fosters strong teamwork and trust. As Production Manager, my goal is to create a lasting impact and build a team capable of managing production independently.

Patience Gladys Amos Dorcas 1
Members of the Global Mamas Leadership Team (l to r) Patience, Gladys, Amos and Dorcas.

Joining Global Mamas has positively impacted my life. I have grown through numerous training sessions and workshops, learning invaluable skills along the way. One of my favorite success stories is Rebecca Akumey’s journey. Through my recommendation, she joined Global Mamas, and I have watched her grow, purchase her own industrial machine, and excel in the sewing department.

When I eventually leave Global Mamas, I hope to be remembered for my hard work and respect for others. I’ve learned that respect is crucial for effective teamwork. Our founders and leaders treat us as equals and show us great respect, setting an example I strive to follow with the Mamas I work with.

To our customers and donors, I extend my heartfelt thanks for your commitment and support. Please continue supporting us to help build the Fair Trade Zone.

In closing, I offer this advice: wherever you find yourself, work diligently and with joy, as if the work is your own. After 16 years at Global Mamas, I recently received the Staff of the Year award at our Global Mamas of the Year ceremony. Let your hard work speak for you.

Amos 3 1
Receiving The Global Mamas Staff of the Year Award
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