Fair Trade for Global Mamas

Global Mamas: Making a Difference, Differently

By Therese Edwards

Fair Trade for Global Mamas

In the fall of 2005, Global Mamas, underwent a thorough examination of our practices by the Fair Trade Federation (FTF) and we are happy to announce that we have been recognized as a fair trade organization and can proudly display the fair trade symbol on all of our products!

Global Mamas develops and supports almost 150 women in small businesses through export of their hand-made apparel and jewelry. Profits generated from sales go directly back to the women in Ghana and support the non-profit programs that help them to expand their businesses. To ensure that the women of Global Mamas understand what it means to be fair trade, a curriculum was developed by volunteers. Each Global Mama receives a personal session on fair trade and check ups are done regularly to ensure compliance and to answer any questions that crop up.

According to the FTF, sixty to seventy percent of the artisans providing fair trade hand-crafted products are women. Often these women are mothers and the sole wage earners in the home. Global Mamas mission is to help reduce the economic inequality of women by significantly increasing the revenues and profits of woman-owned businesses in Cape Coast, Ghana.

Fair Trade means an equitable and fair partnership between marketers in North America and producers in Asia, Africa, Latin America, and other parts of the world. A fair trade partnership works to provide low-income artisans and farmers with a living wage for their work and sets social and environmental standards for international companies to maintain. Fair Trade Federation (FTF) criteria are:

  • Paying a fair wage in the local context
  • Offering employees opportunities for advancement
  • Providing equal employment opportunities for all people, particularly the most disadvantaged
  • Engaging in environmentally sustainable practices
  • Being open to public accountability
  • Building long-term trade relationships
  • Providing healthy and safe working conditions within the local context
  • Providing financial and technical assistance to producers whenever possible


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