Global Mamas: Making a Difference, Differently

By Kristen Gallagher

Global Mamas: Making a Difference, Differently

Every company wants it: characteristics that separate and distinguish itself from other companies. Global Mamas has made this a priority from the beginning and still strives to do so. The company sets itself apart from other NGOs in several ways, both large and small, but all being important to the success and growth of the company.

One difference is its ability to take a holistic approach to business expansion and success. The company focuses on continually creating new job opportunities, higher wages, and increasing profit margins. Many other NGOs lose sight of acquiring real, concrete results which Global Mamas strives to achieve each year through annually renewed objectives. One of the objectives for 2007 is to grow the Cooperative’s raw materials revolving loan fund by finding a fair trade source for jersey cotton items in Africa.

Another key defiant to the company is its fair trade practices. Many NGOs and other fair trade organizations implement the fair trade principals at one specific, key area of the company (i.e. production). However, Global Mamas practices fair trade throughout a much larger portion of the business than that. Each Global Mama receives a fair trade certification to ensure that she is operating by the fair trade standards, paying her employees fair wages, etc. The practice and ideals of fair trade are highly respected and followed in the Global Mamas network and workplace.

Lastly, the aspect self-sustainability of Global Mamas allows the employees of the company to stay focused on the company mission. Many similar organizations spend a large percentage of time and energy on receiving outside funding in order to continue operations. Global Mamas does not rely on outside funding, Company founders Renae Adam and Kristin Johnson pushed to develop strong revenue streams for the women, as well as a revenue-sharing model.


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