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In February, all 16 members of Women in Progress met for a roundtable discussion on how to improve the process for bringing in new members. The women developed a new process for growing the organization to 24 members by the end of 2005, as stipulated by a British High Commission grant currently funding WIP’s International Trade Program. The women also discussed ways to improve the apprentice program.

Facilitated by WIP volunteer Ellen Graves, a graduate student studying organization development at John F. Kennedy University in Pleasant Hill, CA, the members agreed that their top priority was to find talented women who face significant financial barriers. A candidate will attend an initial interview, where she will be evaluated on her financial need, determination to build a business, creativity and understanding of quality and timeliness.

WIP will conduct a site visit to assess the applicant’s work and financial situation. The candidate will produce a sample piece of work, which will be evaluated for quality and timeliness. All WIP members expressed enthusiasm about this new system, which will grow the organization, increase Global Mamas’ profits and improve the economic situation for more women in Ghana.

WIP members also talked about ways to improve their apprentice programs, especially teaching the girls to save for the future. The women discussed starting a “susu” program through the Progressive Women’s Credit Union. A “susu” is an informal institution through which customers can establish small savings accounts. A “susu” collector will visit the apprentices on a weekly basis to collect small sums for their own personal savings.

Global Mamas meet to discuss bringing in new members
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