Roundtable Discussion Highlights 2005 Successes

By Kristen Gallagher

Global Mamas Sources Raw Materials in Africa

The first success was finding a manufacturer in Ghana to supply the calico, the 100% woven cotton fabric used to produce Global Mamas clothing and accessories. In the past, Global Mamas only bought small quantities of calico from various factories in Ghana, but as demand for products continues to increase, Global Mamas needed to find a local textile factory that would produce the calico in larger quantities instead of providing it as an “overrun” of their other wax print textiles. The challenge was to find a textile factory that would be a reliable source of high-quality calico and to ensure the factory manufactured the textile according to fair trade principles.

There appeared to be hope when Global Mamas thought it had found a great supplier. But unfortunately, the factory did not follow through on its commitments and Global Mamas was in serious need of fabric. Finally, in the early months of 2007, Global Mamas had its first successful order of a large supply of calico from GTP (Ghana Textile Print), which now produces the material in generous amounts for Global Mamas. “GTP and Global Mamas have a great relationship and I hope it continues in the future,” says Renae Adam, Executive Director of Global Mamas. “Finding a local, reliable manufacturer is good for us and good for Ghana as we can fuel Ghana’s textile industry. We can also support other African producers as the cotton used for the calico is primarily grown and processed in West Africa.”

While the search for a local woven cotton producer was like a wild goose chase, trying to find a local supplier for Global Mamas’ jersey fabric wasn’t much easier. After making attempts to manufacture t-shirt items with a local Ghanaian factory, the deal fell through, along with a hefty deposit made for fabric purchase. The efforts to locate other reliable and ethical manufacturers in Ghana didn’t present any results.

Things took a positive turn when Adam made a crucial connection at a conference put on by the West Africa Trade Hub. She befriended the directors of Cool Ideas, the South African agents for Edun (the socially responsible clothing company created by Ali Hewson and Bono). Global Mamas received multiple samples from South African jersey cotton manufacturers and selected Prestige Clothing out of Durban to produce Global Mamas line of jersey cotton garments. Global Mamas is happy to support Africa’s growing economies by sourcing its raw materials in South Africa and also still being able to take advantage of duty-free exporting of this apparel to the USA under AGOA (African Growth and Opportunities Act).

The future looks great for Global Mamas in terms of continued growth and improvement. By Fall of 2007, Global Mamas expects to have its own private labeling done on the jersey cotton apparel from South Africa. Organic products are also on the lookout for the company’s possible changes. “We would love to be able to afford to produce our clothing using organic materials sourced from African manufacturers,” says Adam. “As we continue to grow, I think it will become an option for Global Mamas.”


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