Celebrating Fair Trade Month

Amelia Brandt, volunteer Happy Fair Trade Month from all of us at Global Mamas! For us, Fair Trade Month is all about celebrating our accomplishments, especially those that exemplify the heart behind our values as a fair trade organization. For example, one of our values is as follows: “We are …

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Ready, set, design!

Madison Oeff, intern Our Global Mamas annual Design Competition took place throughout the month of June in Cape Coast, and it was a huge success. Sharing their personal style and talent, the Cape Coast Mamas could submit as many of their own designs as they had time to produce. At …

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Ashaiman Payroll Mistake Rectified, Results in Dancing and Celebration

Pete Freeman, intern On any given day, the Global Mamas’ Ashaiman site is alive with the whirring of sewing machines, clicking of computer mice and keyboards, and splashing of soon-to-be dresses dunked in cool dye and water. Ashaiman is a hub for a small group of full-time, directly employed seamstresses, …

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A health care professional from Planned Parenthood Association of Ghana providing screenings for interested producers in Cape Coast

2012 Global Mamas of the Year Awards, Cape Coast

On Saturday, July 21, 2012, Global Mamas held a very special event at the Community Gardens: the Global Mamas of the Year Awards. Melanie and Wisdom presided over the event, and provided entertainment and excitement for all.

Two Ajumako producers modeling their braided necklace samples

Global Mamas of the Year: Cape Coast

The much anticipated Global Mamas of the Year event was held this past March. It was such a pleasure to organize this event, but also a huge learning experience. No matter how many events you plan, each is so different and has to be handled carefully, especially with the laid back Ghanaian culture.

Traveling the Distance for Quality

Global Mamas of the Year

Julie has been batiking for nine years and became a member of Global Mamas three years ago. She went to batiking school in 1999 for six months while raising three children. Julie prides herself as being a mother first and a batiker second.

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