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Bringing Out the Best In Our Leaders with Busara Africa

Leadership Training with Busara Africa With the financial support of the Embassy of France in Ghana, this past month Global Mamas leaders engaged in leadership trainings in collaboration with Busara Africa. Busara Africa is a regional consultancy firm based in Ghana that provides responsive leadership development services. Over the years …

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Partners in Ethical Practice: Naasakle International

When Global Mamas works with outside partners we’re intentional about selecting organizations working in-line with our values. This means businesses operating with full transparency, following the principles of fair trade, and prioritizing the well-being of the people involved with their work. Aligning these values up front makes it easy to …

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Developing the Moringa Filtration System

Making of Summer 2017

Alice Grau, Creative Director Photo Credit: Nick Ruffalo, Designer Each of our collections originates from trend research– anticipating how everything from high-fashion to streetwear trends will influence the clothes our customers might wish to buy in future seasons. We love getting creative with the shape, color, and prints of our …

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Developing the Moringa Filtration System

From Bottles to Beads – Behind the Scenes with our Beadmakers in Krobo

Sophia Khan, Marketing Volunteer Odumase Krobo in the Eastern Region of Ghana is renowned for its glass beadmaking and is home to the historic Agomanya bead market. It’s also where you will find the Global Mamas Krobo Bead Cooperative. This talented group uses techniques passed down from generation to generation …

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Developing the Moringa Filtration System

A Pan-African Solution

Alice Grau, creative director As a fair trade organization, Global Mamas makes fair trade and ethical behaviors the core of everything we do. We have created long-term, respectful relationships with the Mamas and usually stay with the same raw materials suppliers long-term, too. While our products are handmade in Ghana, …

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Celebrating Fair Trade Month

Amelia Brandt, volunteer Happy Fair Trade Month from all of us at Global Mamas! For us, Fair Trade Month is all about celebrating our accomplishments, especially those that exemplify the heart behind our values as a fair trade organization. For example, one of our values is as follows: “We are …

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Shea Helps Empower

Amelia Brandt, volunteer We’re excited to announce a new product to the loyal followers of Global Mamas: a special-edition shea butter skin care product, Global Beauty Butter! The product is created in partnership with Ghanaian shea skin care formulator Ele Agbe and natural beauty blog Beauty Lies Truth, a champion …

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“Lights Out” Production

Hailey Hinshaw, intern Power outages are part of daily life at Global Mamas and all across Ghana. While Ghanaians have experienced periods of “lights out” before, it’s gotten substantially worse within the last year. Due to a variety of factors including failing power plant equipment, a dysfunctional dam, and a …

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Krobo’s Global Mamas – Photo by Desirae Early

Global Mamas opens Fair Trade Textile Workshop in Prampram

Just five minutes outside of the seaside village of Prampram, a cluster of freshly scrubbed buildings is perched on a rise of sand above a little lagoon and the Atlantic ocean. Upon entrance, visitors gasp and remark on its resemblance to Paradise.

Traveling the Distance for Quality

Fair Trade Center Launches in Krobo

In January of 2008, Global Mamas helped to launch The Madizu Fair Trade Center, located in Odumase-Krobo. Thomas Amuzu and Gladys Adjimer are the owners and managers of the company and they have been contracted to assemble Global Mamas beaded products.

Global Mamas: Making a Difference, Differently

Fair Trade for Global Mamas

In the fall of 2005, Global Mamas, underwent a thorough examination of our practices by the Fair Trade Federation (FTF) and we are happy to announce that we have been recognized as a fair trade organization and can proudly display the fair trade symbol on all of our products!

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