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Eco Mamas in the Making

To reduce our environmental impact, Global Mamas made an active decision to incorporate eco-friendly practices into all aspects of production as we continue to positively impact the lives of hundreds of African women and their families. In fact, we’ve recently declared ourselves not only Global Mamas, but also Eco-Mamas. As Eco-Mamas …

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October is Fair Trade Month. “Fair trade” means that an equitable partnership exists between producers of goods in developing countries and retailers in developed countries. The fair trade approach supports a variety of social business practices that advocate for higher standards in regard to producers’ pay, work atmosphere, and environmental …


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Interview by Marketing Manager, Malik Abdoul, May 2022 My name is Daniel Baflo. I am 43 and I am the Lead Batiker for Global Mamas at the Fair Trade Zone (FTZ). When I was growing up, my father was a commercial driver. He worked under government transportation, and my mother …


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Giving Tuesday 2020: Fundraising For Our Operational Hub

As an international brand in an increasingly digital world our website is an integral hub for operations. It’s where newcomers learn about our work, where volunteers and donors engage with our mission, and where wholesale and retail customers shop the products that facilitate our impact. Our ads, social media, emails, …

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Global Mamas Celebrates our Mama (and Papa) of the Year

By Patience Treve Each year, we celebrate the Mama who most exemplified our values in the last year: strength of community, long-term commitment, innovation, economic self-sufficiency, and creating positive change. Our Winners This year, we have not one but two winners: Grace Doku and Moses Buernortey. A brother-and-a sister team …

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Cervical Cancer Prevention in Cape Coast

Maggie O’Neill, volunteer Global Mamas welcomed Dr. Justice Arthur—a Chief Doctor from Cape Coast’s District Hospital—to educate our Mamas, their apprentices, and QC staff about cervical cancer. This is part of Global Mamas’ multi-faceted initiative to help its members achieve multi-dimensional prosperity, prosperity that goes beyond financial well-being and business …

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Global Mamas Design Process

Alice Grau, creative director Global Mamas is dedicated to delivering fair trade, handmade, and stylish clothing, accessories, and home décor. In addition to the Mamas who produce our products, our talented design team plays an integral role in bringing you the products you love. Unlike large fashion brands that have …

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A health care professional from Planned Parenthood Association of Ghana providing screenings for interested producers in Cape Coast

From Retail to the Source

Many people would not typically think about who made a product or where it came from upon purchasing an item. Nor would they trace the product to its source. A volunteer, Katie Modley, had the unique opportunity to meet the Global Mamas that made the products that she wears and sells.

Eli Kpotorfe – A Very Special Ingredient

Product Conception to Fruition

The Global Mamas slogan ‘Love Your Product, Know Your Producer, Change Her Life’ is firmly embodied in every sketch, stamp, and stitch from the initial design idea to the finished product.

Krobo’s Global Mamas – Photo by Desirae Early

Great Growth in Krobo

Global Mamas has been operating in the Krobo area for more than five years. As with all new ventures, the bead operation started off relatively small while we learned the market and ensured that the products we exported met the high quality standards our customers expect from Global Mamas.

Two Ajumako producers modeling their braided necklace samples

New Products Changing Lives: Ampiah-Ajumako Business

The economy of Ajumako is mainly agricultural and before Global Mamas many of the women were employed through that sector and were not making a steady income. The Ampiah-Ajumako Business Center opened in January 2008 with 3 workers and has now grown to employ 11 women.

Two Ajumako producers modeling their braided necklace samples

The Evolution of Bead making in West Africa

Bead making is an industry that has long been a part of the West African culture. In the ancient times, beads served a myriad of functions: some were used as a form of currency for goods between tribes, whereas others adorned chiefs and their wives to indicate their wealth and status.

Two Ajumako producers modeling their braided necklace samples

The Start of Shea Butter: Testing a New Territory

When it comes to personal care, women want what is best. Every year the United States spends over 8 billon dollars on women’s cosmetics and the figure continues to grow each year. This massive consumption speaks to the universal desire of women to take care of their skin and body.

A customer shops at the Global Mamas’ Second Saturday sale in Minneapolis, MN.

From the North Pole to the Equator – A long awaited trip to Global Mamas

Sweden sent us off to Africa with one of the coldest days in Gothenborg, -10C. Ghana welcomed us with open arms, to a balmy evening of 29C. That is how the adventure started for us – Tomas, the Fair Trade Educator / Photographer, and I, the Fair Trade Agent for Global Mamas in the “north pole”, aka Scandinavia.

Helping Hand from Customers

Global Mamas Launches a Pet Line!

2010 is around the corner and Global Mamas has exciting news to share. Global Mamas is expanding its line of products to include our four legged friends! Global Mamas will be launching a wonderful fair trade line of pet products in 2010.

Helping Hand from Customers

First Anniversary of Accra Store

On August 1, 2008 Global Mamas launched a new store in the touristic Osu area of Accra. One year later we are very excited to share our great success with you.

A customer shops at the Global Mamas’ Second Saturday sale in Minneapolis, MN.

Launch of Trade for Change

In an effort to better serve its growing number of retail partners, the Global Mamas shopping site was converted to a wholesale site in 2009. As a result, Trade for Change was launched to continue the online retail sales of Global Mamas products to consumers, and generate more orders and additional income for the Global Mamas network of fair trade producers in Ghana.

Helping Hand from Customers

2008 Global Mamas of the Year Awards

On May 22, 2009 Global Mamas kicked off the 2008 awards season at Odumase-Krobo to recognize outstanding members of the Global Mamas network. The O-K Annual Meeting took place at 1 pm at the Madizu Fair Trade Company. The meeting was well attended by bead makers, bead assemblers, and Global Mama volunteers and friends.

Traveling the Distance for Quality

Traveling the Distance for Quality

Ally Harris has been an employee for Global Mamas in the U.S. for over a year. This September she had the opportunity to come to Ghana and learn more about the how the complex production of Global Mamas batik apparel and accessories works.

Traveling the Distance for Quality

Launch of GM store in Accra

On August 1, 2008 Global Mamas launched a new store in the Osu area of Accra. The store represents the creative talent and dedication of Matthew Sturm and Megan Collins who designed and launched the store in less than one month.

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